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Let Over 55 Years of Legal Representation Experience Work For You!

The success of your case will depend greatly on the skill level of the attorney chosen to represent you. It’s imperative that you choose a lawyer that works hard to understand the full scope of your rights. In matters of proactive pursuit; Workers Compensation, Medical Malpractice, Estates, Contract, Domestic, or Personal Injury - including accidents, auto, truck and motorcycle crashes - why procrastinate or settle for inadequate legal representation? As it pertains to a defense against allegations that are detrimental to your livelihood such as DUI, burglary or assault, why would you leave competency to chance? Can you really afford to take chances on an attorney without experience, little to no success, and / or ineffective methods? Instead, you should consider only a seasoned attorney with the right experience, proven results, and a multitude of tactical law interpretations that can be applied to your case.

At Powers & Powers, you will be represented by a lawyer with experience beyond that which can be found at many other law firms in the area. Here, you will be working with a professional who has earned respect in courts, with judges and among peers. We have established a reputation for success and developed a hard-nosed approach, aggressively fighting for each and every one of the clients who approaches our law firm for legal help. Whether you have been a victim of medical malpractice, or injured in an auto, truck or motorcycle accident we are here to fight for you. Our scope of practice does not discriminate, and when you contact our office, you will be provided with upstanding legal representation.