Attorney Fees

As an attorney firm, we offers many options as it pertains to payment structure, ensuring that you can afford the legal representation you need. Powers & Powers, Baltimore Attorney At Law, will do everything we can to help you during this difficult and trying time. We take your legal concerns and needs very seriously and you can trust that we will work hard for every dime you spend. 


We only get paid if we win a recovery for you. Any case we handle that involves any injury, disability, or illness is typically handled on a contingency basis; we charge a percentage of the amount we recover for a client. That way, the client does not have to advance or pay any fees to us.


A flat fee is where we charge a single, agreed upon amount to a client. That is all we get paid on the case, regardless of the amount of work performed. Typically, criminal and traffic cases, wills, name changes, some corporate and contract services and uncontested domestic matters are handled in this manner.


If a client is seeking representation in a matter which will involve us being paid hourly, we sit down and discuss the issues and agree together on the fees to be charged. A client generally wants the best representation he or she can afford. We do all we can to make sure you are able to afford our services. We charge on an hourly basis when it is impossible to predict how much time and work will need to be performed. Such cases are typically contested divorces, child custody and support or contract matters involving litigation.