Verdicts & Settlements

Baltimore Attorney Services

Here are just a few of the many verdicts & settlements that we have produced for our clients.  No matter what the case, you can trust that Powers & Powers will fight for every dime you deserve!

Please Note: Past results do not necessarily guarantee a successful result in your case.


  • Our Law Firm represented a young lady who suffered a serious injury when her podiatrist cut a nerve in her leg while performing what should have been a very simple procedure to remove a benign cyst. Prior to trial, we won a settlement of $900,000.00!


  • We also represented an infant and his mother against a prominent Baltimore hospital when the child suffered a serious nerve injury during birth, caused by an improper delivery procedure. We recovered $700,000.00!


  • Our client was standing on a light rail platform in Baltimore as the train was arriving into the station. The crowd on the platform began to surge forward and forced our client onto the tracks and under the train whereby he sustained a partial amputation of his heel requiring multiple surgeries and a month’s long stay in Shock Trauma. We alleged the MTA was negligent in failing to secure the platform for the safety of its patrons and failing to comply with its own policies and procedures. The MTA fully denied responsibility and never made a settlement offer. After a very heated two week trial in Baltimore City a jury of 6 citizens rendered a verdict in favor of our client for $2 Million Dollars!


  • Our client was a passenger in an automobile operated by a colleague of his who lost control of his vehicle while driving at a high rate of speed on the Baltimore beltway causing a multi-vehicle collision wherein the host driver died from his injuries. Our client suffered multiple painful but non-life threatening injuries. We successfully negotiated a $200,000.00 settlement for our client.
  • Our client was a young man visiting family in Baltimore before returning home to Florida when he was a passenger in a car struck in the rear. We assisted him in obtaining proper and necessary medical treatment in Florida and Maryland and then obtained a $130,000.00 settlement for him.
  • We represented a registered nurse in a lawsuit who was struck by a car which traveled through a red light but whose driver claimed she had the right in doing so because she was moving out of the way of an ambulance behind her with emergency equipment activated. The insurance company only offered $18,000.00 to settle the case. We filed a lawsuit for our client. Several months before trial the parties agreed to mediation before a retired Baltimore City judge in which we obtained a successful settlement of $85,000.00 for our client.
  • We represented a railroad worker who was a passenger in a company truck when it was sent down an embankment after another vehicle crashed into the truck coming around a curve. The driver of that car denied responsibility for the crash and her insurance company offered $0. After a 3 day trial in Baltimore City we obtained a jury verdict in favor of our client and he was awarded $32,274.00.

  • We represented a gentleman involved in bad intersection collision. The insurer told us we should settle the case before suit was filed for $11,500. The offer was rejected! The pre-trial offer increased to $14,500 and the insurer told us it was a very good offer and we should take it. It again was rejected! We went to trial and a jury awarded $29,300.00. The defendant and insurance company were so appalled, they appealed , won a reversal and we had to try the case again. The second trial resulted in a $46,000.00 verdict!

  • In 2004, without having to file a lawsuit we settled a claim for the policy maximum of $100,000.00 for a middle-aged lady who suffered injuries when she was a passenger in a car her daughter was driving and who, unfortunately, was found to have caused the accident. We convinced the insurance carrier the daughter was at fault and that policy limits should be paid.


  • Our client was lawfully operating his motorcycle one evening when a large SUV made a left turn directly in his path of travel causing the motorcyclist to die from his massive internal injuries. We represented the surviving family members and recovered the maximum policy limits of $250,000.00!


  • A client suffered multiple injuries in a bad fall at work. The Workers’ Compensation Commission denied her claim for much needed benefits. In a 3 ½ day trial in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City, we reversed the Order of the Workers’ Compensation Commission and our client received full benefits, including a significant Award when we fought for her permanent total disability.


  • We represented the family of a man who passed away with a $100,000.00 life insurance policy in place. The insurer refused to pay the proceeds to the family members who were beneficiaries under the policy. We convinced the insurance company to pay the full $100,000.00 policy benefit to our clients.


  • We represented a gentleman who fell from a catwalk during work when the blast from an explosion caused him to fall over 20 feet to the ground. After successfully handling the workers’ compensation claim, we won a recovery of $850,000.00! against the party at fault.


  • Our Firm represented a young man who was incarcerated in a juvenile facility when other rival juveniles severely beat him, causing various injuries, including double vision. We won an award of $175,000.00!


  • We represented an elderly lady who slipped down some steps while leaving a restaurant after dinner. She fractured both ankles and successfully resolved the case for $200,000.00!


  • An elderly lady was accosted by store security and accused of stealing a product from the shelf and placing it in her handbag. She did not commit the crime alleged and our firm recovered $14,000.00 for the lady!


  • We successfully defended a client who was a traffic reporter and was sued by his former company for allegedly breaching a Covenant Not To Compete. The client was fired by his former employer and then took another job reporting traffic. After a long and hard fought battle, we convinced the plaintiff to dismiss the lawsuit during the trial.


  • A client was sued by his former landlord for allegedly breaching a commercial lease and vacating the premises. We defended the client at trial and won a defense verdict!